Taro Dream®

Tropical Cultured Pudding Blends


The heart of the Hawaii Healing Food line of products, Taro Dream®  is a unique blend of delicious, richly satisfying, nutritious, cultured food made from a blend of Poi, tropical fruit, purple sweet potato and other healthful ingredients.   Taro Dream®  is  a chilled, rich, and creamy, cultured, pudding blend and is packaged similar to yogurt. Taro Dream®  is easily digestible, low allergenic and gluten free.

Taro Dream® contains ingredients known for significant beneficial effects on the immune system, the ability to prevent dental decay, the ability to increase absorption of calcium, and for their potential in regulating blood sugar levels and more!  It also contains live, active, traditional poi cultures – the first of its kind in the world!


Fortify your Spirit and Revive your Soul. Nourish your Body with one of nature's perfect foods...Hawaiian Poi.


Our Flavors


Purple Sweet Potato Coconut

Guava Ginger

Pineapple Cococut

Tropical Dark Cocoa


Sun-kissed lemon, stimulating ginger, creamy coconut, sweet banana, lush guava, tangy passion fruit and other delicious tropical ingredients. 

From Hawaii's finest and freshest harvest, luscious fruits are combined with Poi to produce a highly pleasing, richly satisfying blend that gives you a source of vitality, energy and strength. 

Our ingredients contain no dairy, gluten, soy or cane sugar. 


Hawaii Healing Food™  contains special ingredients for people and Poi Cultures! It’s all about caring for the smallest members of our Ohana (family) – the cultures! 


Purple Sweet Potato Coconut: Vibrant color of the Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato combined with the sweet natural taste of creamy coconut.

Guava Ginger: Pink guava spiced with the exotic taste of ginger makes this truly a tropical flavored delight.


Pineapple Coconut: This combination of golden, sweet pineapple and coconut is a delight to the senses.

Tropical Dark Cocoa: Rich, dark cocoa paired with coconut milk to produce a delicious, creamy texture and flavor.