What is Hawaii Healing Food™?

A beautiful bowl of pure, Hawaiian poi

A beautiful bowl of pure, Hawaiian poi

Hawaii Healing Food™ is a line of products containing Hawaiian Poi. This product line is a unique, first of its kind (no dairy, soy, cane sugar or gluten) that will serve the global market as an alternative to dairy and soy-based, refrigerated, frozen and powdered food products. The Hawaii Healing Food™ product line is a new category of food with a distinctive, exotic and pleasing taste.

Hawaii Healing Food™ Poi is from taro grown using Safe Food Farming™ methods that meet or exceed organic standards. It is extremely concentrated with special hypoallergenic nutrients and is full of life and health. Poi contains special compounds that help to boost the immune system and heal digestion.


TDI will strive to be the market leader of culturally based native and indigenous food products for health institutions, care facilities, the natural food products market, and all segments of the population.


Taro Dream has pioneered an innovative application of a unique dehydration technology that retains the benefits of poi and other Hawaii grown ingredients. These lightweight, healthful and nutrition-dense food ingredients are the foundation of our Hawaii Healing Food™ product line.

Our Hawaii Healing Food Products


Taro Dream Tropical Pudding Blends

Taro Dream™ is a delicious, richly satisfying, nutritious, cultured food made from a blend of Poi, tropical fruit, purple sweet potato and other healthful ingredients. Taro Dream is  a chilled, rich, and creamy cultured pudding blend and is packaged similar to yogurt. Taro Dream™ is easily digestible, low allergenic and gluten free.

POI BABY® Dehydrated Poi  

Poi Baby®  is a special category made up of hypoallergenic, nutrient-dense, dehydrated Poi flakes and powder.  Our company uses a patented and proprietary, dual fermentation technology based on ancient, traditional, culturing practices and science to insure that the healing power of Poi’s fermentation metabolites and bacteriocins are rich, varied and powerful.

Ho ola Superfood Blend™

Ho Ola means for life and health. This nutrient-dense dried formula will remarkably and effectively address some of the most critical health conditions of our time. The Ho Ola Superfood Blend™ will be offered to help address the following critical health issues:

  • Athletic Recovery
  • Gut Health
  • Joint, Skin and Connective Tissue Health
  • Managing Blood Sugar
  • Immune Support
  • Anti-aging Properties 
  • Protection from Age Related Diseases.

Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato

Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato is a unique, powerful ingredient in our Taro Dream®  blends.  This unique ingredient is one of the Company’s most popular.  Its vibrant, purple color, creamy texture and multiple health benefits qualifies it as a superfood.  Okinawan Sweet Potato will be presented as a stand-alone ingredient for food manufacturers as well as an ingredient in our Tropical Cultured Pudding Blends and our nutrient-dense, dehydrated, Ho Ola Superfood Blend™ .