A message from our founder

Noeau tells the amazing true story about how Taro saved her daughters' life.

When my youngest daughter Alexa was born, she was diagnosed with a life threatening illness that affected her digestive process. After exhausting every known medical treatment without success and watching my daughter’s condition worsen by the day, I remembered stories I had heard about Hawaiian mothers feeding Poi to their infants at an early age. I had previously lived in Hawaii for a number of years and, having used poi for myself and my older daughter’s food sensitivities, I arranged for Poi to be shipped to California where I was living.

Taro and Poi is believed by the Hawaiian people to have the greatest life force of all foods

Taro and Poi is believed by the Hawaiian people to have the greatest life force of all foods

For the next four years, Poi was the only food that my daughter would eat without having severe reactions. Alexa’s doctors were amazed at her sudden recovery and stated that they had many patients who were suffering from digestive disorders and could benefit from this food. I began to make the same formulas in my home kitchen and donated this life saving food to my doctor’s patients to determine if Poi had the potential to help others besides my daughter. My homemade formulas did, in fact, help many patients who either had celiac or crohn's diseases, digestive disorders or were suffering from malnutrition due to a lack of appetite as a consequence of surgery and/or the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

 After studying with studying Hawaiian Herbal Medicine (Laau Lapaau) with Papa Henry Auwae, and attaining Papa’s blessing to bring this life giving, medicinal food to the world, I was determined to honor the cultural and historical practices of Native Hawaiians and began Taro Dream Inc.® in order to develop and promote the company's line of Hawaii Healing Food™ products  

Pamela Noeau Day



Our Roots

Hawaii Healing Food™ was conceived from a mother’s love for her daughter. With the blessing of my mentor and teacher, Papa Henry Auwae, Kahuna Laau Lapaau, I assembled a team of like minded individuals and supporters with the intent of making Poi available to the world through our company Taro Dream Inc.


Got Poi?

The Hawaii Healing Food™ product line is delicious, low-allergenic, energy and nutrient dense and will help to address growing incidences of food allergies, celiac disease and many other health conditions.





Poi to the World

The mission of Taro Dream™  is to provide Poi to anyone interested in a healthy diet and to provide millions of people suffering from celiac and crohn's disease, food allergies and digestive disorders with exotic and  delicious, nutrient dense foods that have shown outstanding potential to serve the countless people in need of this potentially life-giving food.



from the lives Taro Dream® has touched


Personal Poi Stories

My son Noah was born three months premature and was incubated and ventilator dependent for close to two years. Consequently, he has an oral aversion to feeding, gastroesophageal reflux, dysphagia, and generally does not like to eat (except when he is on systemic steroids).... We recently introduced Taro Dream® to his diet and since then, he has a new interest in eating. Noah has began to eat consistently and indicates when he wants to eat! We ran out of Taro Dream for 2-1/2 days and during that time he refused to eat anything. He began to eat again once we had more Taro Dream®.... I am a firm believer that Taro Dream® has stimulated his appetite and more importantly, his interest in eating. Noah will only eat pureed baby food, but combined with the Taro Dream® he will eat willingly and several times a day. I am grateful that Taro Dream® is an alternative; something that I can offer my son that has no added sugars, is nutritious and is real food.... Mahalo Taro Dream, for providing Noah with food that is yummy, digestible, and appealing to him! 

—Sissy Sosner

Professional Testimonials

As medical professionals, we fully appreciate the need for such a wholesome, nutritional product for health promotion and illness management. Nutrition is one of the most important, yet least understood areas of health care. I fully recognize the need for a nutritional product which patients can easily tolerate.  Some of the most common symptoms experienced by cancer patients include nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, fatigue, and weight loss (all of which contribute to malnutrition and subsequently have a negative impact on the immune system and well being). Taro Dream® has the potential to significantly impact these symptoms and improve QOL in cancer patients. The fact that Taro Dream® is highly digestible, low in allergens, high in phytonutrients, makes it ideal for the cancer population, as well as patients with numerous other health conditions.

—Leslie Tuchmann, MSN, RN, CNS, AHN-BC, AOCN, Mark Raterink, MD.